Why Getting Older is Awesome

It’s my birthday! Twenty-six years on this earth I have spent. Twenty-six birthdays and celebrations have now come & gone. It can be a somber moment for some. “Getting older” has a sort of negative connotation & stigma to it. Not for me though. This year I am choosing to enjoy & embrace my age to the fullest!


Although I feel much, much older [kids will do that to ya] I am still “in my prime” as they say. Your twenties are made for “figuring out your life” as people also say a lot. Which is funny for me because I’ve already had two children, graduated from college, moved too many times to count, gotten married, bought two cars, gone through multiple jobs & found my passion and now I’ve started this blog [all of which is not in chronological order 😂].

Isn’t life funny that way? How you sit and plan out how you think everything will pan out, then a bomb hits you. In my case, a bomb was a positive pregnancy test three days after my college graduation 👩🏻‍🎓. Then you accept things how they are & you adapt. Oh but wait here’s another bomb! It’s a constant cycle. But it’s one that allows us to overcome & builds our resiliency as an adult. Helps us grow up.


Not only do you experience more and go through struggles and tribulations that make you a strong and wiser person [let’s hope ;)], but the best thing about getting older are the memories your heart gains through the years. I am constantly taking pictures. CONSTANTLY y’all. I have such a bad memory sometimes when it comes to everyday things that happen around me. So taking pictures is the best way for me to hold onto those moments forever. Anyone else have Timehop? If you don’t, you need to download it pronto! It is a great way to look back each day and see memories that you made. I love looking back 1, 2, 7 years ago and cherishing every picture that swipes across my screen.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Making memories. So love those smile lines. Appreciate those frown lines. For they make us who we are. Birthdays are a time to celebrate the wonderful miracle that is you! Embrace your age & praise God for one more year of awesomeness 🙂

Twenty-six. The downhill slide to 30…eh it ain’t so bad.

P.S. Shoutout to all the April 4th babies out there. Y’all the homies.

As always, God bless †