He’s Not Just a NICU Survivor

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the little things you love about your children? I mean the really little things. Have you ever just stopped to look at them? Study them? Watch them? I’m not a creeper mom I promise! I just get caught up in a moment sometimes. Watching my kiddos. Here the past few weeks I have really been watching my Noah. My sweet boy.

We are big advocates for NICU families, survivors & angels. All because Noah was born 11 weeks premature & spent 12 weeks in the NICU overcoming obstacles most grown ups couldn’t overcome. Given that September is NICU Awareness Month AND Noah’s birthday month, I love to share his story. Even though it’s an amazing story & testimony of faith, struggle, motherhood, & birth that I love to tell- I’m not gonna talk about that today.

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Today is bub’s 2nd birthday. And I just want to talk about him. I want to share the little things that make him special. That make him “him”. God has sculpted this little boy perfectly fitting for our little family. He is so wonderfully made that I felt inclined to share with y’all my favorite things about him.

His smile

Since he came into this world, he was smiling. Always such a happy soul. His laugh is incredibly infectious. I pray you never lose this smile, bub. It has brightened my darkest days.

His snuggles

Noah gives the best hugs. Lately he’s been so busy. He is such a busy body. So I sneak in those cuddles every chance I can get! Snuggle your babies. Even if it’s just a quick hug or head on the shoulder. Soak up those moments. Two may seem young, but I want to look back when he’s 22 & think, “I stole all the snuggles I could!”


His passion

This boy is so passionate about so many things. Some may call it obsessive, but he knows what he loves & he will talk your ear off about it! He’s so passionate about his blankie, baseball, hats, superheroes & shoes. Just to name a few. All very different things. I think it’s just a tiny look into the passion he will have as he gets older. When he begins to love & maybe play baseball. Or when his passion for Christ overcomes him & leads him down a successful path. I look forward to that time of watching him grow into the man he will be.


His eyelashes

Everybody always talks about his eyelashes. It’s one of his many characteristics that are so, so precious to me. It just adds to his childhood innocence. Girls will go ga-ga over him & those dang eyelashes. I love them, but they’re gonna drive me crazy one day!

The love he has for his family

The love he has for us is undeniable. He may only be two, but he is the most loving boy. The random “I love you’s” & sweet goodnight kisses. He adores his sissy too. The way he plays with her & follows her every move reminds me of my little sisters growing up. I give Paislee a good bit of credit when I think about all of the things he has learned over the past year. He has learned so much from her it’s crazy. How much he talks & the motor movements he’s learned. All her! I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow as they do ❤

His strength

Okay, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about the NICU, but just for this one I’ll mention that that experience was only the beginning of the immense strength this guy has. Throughout his whole two years of life, he has overcome some huge obstacles. Physical & occupational therapy. Possible speech delays, eye issues, hearing tests. Each one he showed how much of a miracle he is. Such a healthy boy. He started preschool this year & that transition was so hard. He had only been home with me most of his life. He had such a hard time at first. But now, when I drop him off he goes in & sits right next to his friends with that big handsome smile on his face. Although it’s hard for me to let go a little bit, it makes me feel successful as a momma to watch my sweet boy be so independent.

I could literally go on & on about this boy. I want to challenge every momma & daddy out there to do this with me. Write down the special things you love about your littles. Big & small. I think these things in my head, but actually writing them down is very therapeutic. Also going through old pictures & memories really makes this momma happy! Other people may think it’s annoying, but I take SO many pictures. And I’m glad that I do. Capturing all of these precious moments that I can have for a lifetime.

So take ALL THE PICTURES. Write down all the memories. You only get this one life to live & remember. This boy of mine is just starting his life, but it has been more full than I could’ve ever imagined. Although it is a huge part of who he is, he is NOT just a NICU survivor. He is a vibrant little boy full of so much joy. There are so many parts to him that we haven’t even discovered yet. Happy 2nd birthday bubba! We love you!

As always, God bless †


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