A Look into Motherhood: An Interview with my Momma

Originally, my intention with this post was to explain and take you through my experiences I have gone through as a mother. Although I am celebrated this day by my kiddos, I figured I talk about myself enough. I want to talk to y’all about MY momma. Because she is one amazing person. She has raised me & taught me to be the woman & momma I am today. So she deserves like 100 million blog posts about her, but I hope this one will suffice ♥

I thought I would ask my mom some questions about motherhood & such. I loved getting to hear her answers. It was a fun little activity 🙂 Keep in mind that she had three daughters. Me being the oldest, and I have two younger sisters. God bless her!


No. 1: What age was hardest to deal with?

Depends on which child you’re talking about. For you, it was…I don’t really feel like there was a “hard age” with you. There was regular mom and daughter stuff, but no specific age. For Rachel it was definitely 19-20 age range. That transition to adulthood was hard. For Allison I would say sophomore/junior years of high school. The hardest time you and I ever had was your freshman year of TCU before you left home. That was mostly because it was me having a hard time letting go & letting you be on your own, it wasn’t you being “hard”. 


I was so surprised at her answer here! I figured that with three girls there was definitely a hard or difficult age to deal with. Like something really specific. I found it really interesting that she didn’t give one general age for all of us.

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No. 2: What is your most favorite gift we have ever given you on Mother’s Day?

*walks to her room and gets picture frame….*

Honestly, I had forgotten that we gave this to her on Mother’s Day! I always see it on her bedside table, but it slipped my mind when she had gotten it! And we had all written on the back of it. This was my junior year in high school that we gave this to her. It may seem like a weird picture to put in a frame but both of my parents were in love with this picture of all three of us. One of my momma’s favorite pictures ever. Just us in our element, together.

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No. 3: Is motherhood as hard as they say it is? Why or why not?

Hard? No. Challenging at times, yes. Rewarding, most definitely. The reward is greater than the challenge. “Her children will rise up and bless her”. I feel like y’all bless me everyday. I’ve always felt that way.



My momma is so sweet, oh my goodness.

No. 4: What is the difference between being a mother and being a Lola? [Lola is what my littles call her]

Well, being a mother…it was my responsibility to make sure you turned out to be an independent human being. Being a Lola, it’s now YOUR responsibility. I will probably take part in it every now & then, but you are the driver now. To be completely on the sidelines and watch it happen is a completely different ballgame. It is a love that there are no words for. I can’t even explain it. You feel that way about your own kids. It’s that intense, but different. 

I always wonder what it will be like when my kids have kids someday. I can see the immense love she has for my babies when she’s around them. And when she’s not! My family & I are truly blessed that our kids have such awesome grandparents!

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No. 5: What is the best parenting advice anyone ever gave you? What advice would you give?

It wasn’t really advice that I got, it was doubt. I wouldn’t succeed. My marriage wouldn’t succeed, I was “too young”. Advice- to lift your kids up and not doubt them.


A little backstory, my momma and daddy were 20 & 21 when they had little ol’ me. Got married when I was in my momma’s belly. She got a lot of doubt from others because of her age. Not just about me, but my daddy as well. That their marriage wouldn’t stand the test of time given the circumstances & their age. But I know we are all proud to say that they have been married for 27 years now! She went to college after having all three of us girls. Got her nursing degree with flying colors. She’s a true inspiration to me. I thought her advice was very encouraging & her story is one I’m sure a lot of moms experience!

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I loved asking my momma these questions & hearing what she had to say. It was such a cool learning experience for me. Even though you may think you know everything about someone, you can still learn something new! I think it would be so cool if some of y’all were to ask your mommas these questions & let me know how you liked it or share what they had to say! There’s a free printable version for you below!


Happiest of Mother’s Days to y’all & I hope you enjoy this day that is so deservingly dedicated to you!

As always, God bless †




10 thoughts on “A Look into Motherhood: An Interview with my Momma”

  1. I love this entry to your blog. What an honor it is to be a Mom & Grandma. I loved my Mom so much, she was my best friend for many years. I miss her very much, but have such awesome memories.

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  2. Such a fun post 🙂 . I’m really close to my mom, but I’m not sure that she would be so candid about answer the questions – it would make her uncomfortable to have the spotlight on herself. Although I can probably predict what her answer would be about the hardest age for me – basically from puberty until today lol (mostly because my life has been an emotional roller coaster not because I was a “bad” kid). I LOVED your mom’s answers – she sounds like a really sweet lady. Thanks for sharing her with us 🙂

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