Ten Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas UNDER $30

Mother’s Day is slowly creeping up on us y’all! Have you gotten your special momma a gift yet? No worries if you haven’t. I am so bad at sending gifts on time. Literally. My dad got his birthday gift almost a month late this year *face palm*. It’s all good, because this day isn’t about materialistic things. It’s about spending time with & honoring the woman that gave you life! I am a total advocate for love languages though, so if your momma’s love language is “gifts”, she will love these options I have found for y’all! 🙂

Probably like every other momma out there, or woman in general, I am obsessed with Amazon Prime. It is the most convenient & dangerous thing that has ever happened to anyone’s bank account.

Free two day shipping. Need I say more?

Anyways, I was doing some deep searching last week & found some really awesome Mother’s Day gifts for super cheap!

I was basically going off of what I would like as a momma & what I know my momma likes. I tried to find a variety of different products because I know everyone’s mommas are into different things! And all different ages as well. They are perfect for all you mommas out there, & I’m so happy to share them with you!

No. 1: Essential oil set with diffuser OR car diffuser

I put this as the very first because recently I have become a bit of an oil freak. This was actually one of my gifts I got a little early this year & I’m so in love. This is the diffuser we have in our daughter’s room. It’s perfect for a bedside table or even a smaller living area. We had it in our living room for the longest time & it filled the room nicely. Plus is comes with all of these awesome essential oils! I have started using my diffuser in leu of candles. They are just more natural & have so many benefits to them.

If your momma already has a diffuser she loves & uses, I would highly recommend a car diffuser! I have the one below. My husband got it for me for my birthday. It’s such an awesome gift & I get a lot of use out of it! They have some that can sit in your cup holder, but I like this one because it hooks up to the outlet in your car. Plus you can pick your momma’s favorite color!

No. 2: Cute Picture Frames

I feel like this is a universal gift you get for someone that you know they will like. You can never go wrong with a good picture frame. Canvases are a big thing right now I feel like. I love them! But they aren’t the best “last minute” gifts because they are more personalized & take a bit more time to prepare before they are shipped or picked up. Amazon has a ton of super cute picture frames for moms. Here are some of my personal favorites that I found!

Click images to follow link 🙂

My mom’s house is covered with pictures of our entire family & she always loves to add to the collection. I especially love that tree with the hanging birds! My mom always calls us her “chicks” & i just think that’s so cute!

No. 3: Devotionals 

I don’t know about y’all, but there is no greater gift ever given to us than the gift of our God! My momma is such a strong believer & faithful lover of Christ & I know she would love to sit down & read His word everyday.

This is the devotional I got for myself not long ago, & I haven’t been committing to it like I should, but it is so awesome! It’s made specifically for moms. To me, it is such a thoughtful gift!


Click images to follow link 🙂

No. 4: Side-by-side journal

I didn’t even know these existed until I stumbled upon them on Amazon. They are the coolest thing. These would be perfect for a granddaughter & Grandma too! It talks about feelings & family. All things  that children need to be taught about. Seriously I can’t get enough of these. I might just buy it for me & my daughter because they are just so cool! What a special bonding activity to share with your momma or little ones!

Click images to follow link 🙂

I’m totally just sitting her typing this & raving about these to my hubby. These are just the sweetest things I have ever seen. It’s a diary that you & your daughter can share. You can decide who is allowed to read it. You can write in it without the other one & then go back and read it later. I can’t even with these. Too cute. PERFECT if you have a “momma-to-be” friend. ♥

No. 5: Herb garden starter kit

Another amazing find! Who else hates buying herbs at the store?! I have been wanting to start my own herb garden lately. I got the idea from my mom who has also been wanting to start her own. She doesn’t have a big backyard, so these little indoor starter kits would be perfect for her! Any mommas who love to cook, loves fresh herbal tea or throws down some mojitos on the weekends would love this gift! And they are so cheap, too. All under $30 & all organic!


Click images to follow link 🙂

No. 6: Prayer journal

I am just really into these journals, y’all. They make me think of my momma, too. She secretly loves to write I just know it! Writing your prayers down can really help sort out your thoughts, worries & stresses, & struggles. It’s a different way to connect with God that I think all of us mommas could use! Throughout my day I think about things that I want to pray about & honestly I forget a good bit of them by the end of the day. I try to pray throughout my day when I feel like I need to, but little toddlers & life can get in the way. Having a journal is a good way to write down something in the moment when you think about it, & then come back & pray about it later on.


Click images to follow link 🙂

Some journals have prompts and ideas on what to pray about for that day. Even when you may think there is nothing to pray about, there is ALWAYS something. Mommas have that innate need to help others even when we feel helpless. Praying provides help to others more than we realize!

No. 7: Coffee mugs

This is another gift you cannot go wrong with! My mom is addicted to coffee [I guess that’s where I get it from]. Pretty sure every momma needs coffee to get through those days that seem to drag on. Or the days that are so jam packed with stuff, you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up. Having a cute coffee mug/cup can always lift your spirits!

Click images to follow link 🙂

No. 8: Kitchen gadgets & decor

When looking for gifts, one of my go-tos is anything my momma can use in the kitchen. Great for moms who love to cook. And I found so many cute things for the kitchen on Amazon! I mean anything- dish towels, aprons, utensils, you name it. Every time your momma wipes her hands clean on that quirky little dish towel, she will think of you and smile [if she isn’t already thinking of you, which she probably is].


Click images to follow link 🙂

No. 9 Bath bombs & other beauty items

Ever since having children, I have savored my bath times. It has gotten to the point where I plan out my baths. Bath bombs & salts are THE BEST. If you ever wonder what to get me for any occasion/holiday, get me something I can put in my bath. Bath time for mommas & kiddos are two polar opposite concepts. It is a time we can relax, in the quiet, maybe light some candles & just be. Yet another gift you simply can’t go wrong with!

No. 10: Willow Tree memory box

My final find of these amazing Amazon Mother’s Day gifts are these sweet keepsakes. I have always been a fan of the Willow Tree brand. I have a few figurines throughout my home that I absolutely adore. I had no idea, though, that they made these memory boxes! So cute. They have a specific mother/daughter one that is a great pick for Mother’s Day. And one for Grandmas! They are the perfect size to put small memories like favorite pictures, crafts, tickets from places you went together. Anything that means something special to your momma could be kept in this box. An extremely thoughtful gift that she will hold near & dear to her heart forever! Gifts like these are my favorite!


I hope y’all can find something extra special for that extra special momma of yours this Mother’s Day. Not gonna lie, I have ALL of these in my “Wish List” right now just waiting to be purchased! Also, *hint hint* to my hubby for future reference 😉 If you think any of these amazing gifts would be perfect for your momma, you can click on the picture of that item & it will take you straight to the link! Happy shopping everyone, & Happy Mother’s Week!

As always, God bless †


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23 thoughts on “Ten Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas UNDER $30”

  1. These are some really cute ideas! I don’t get paid until Friday, unfortunately, and haven’t been able to get anything for my momma yet.

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  2. I love these ideas! They are what I would love, and you’ve already done the legwork :-D. I love the car diffuser – it sis functional, and I doubt if many moms have this. Blessings! XoXo, Evelyn, Path of Presence

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