You Know You’re A Marine Corps Wife When…

I wanted to take a little break from the “tips & tricks” posts and give y’all a little something light, funny and relatable 🙂 I have been a Marine Corps wife going on 5 years now [so crazy to think about]. I have learned so many things along the way & experienced things I never would have. Sometimes it totally sucks and you hate it, and other times it really blesses your family in ways you never knew how. You may not be able to relate to every single one of these if you’re a Marine Corps wife like me, but I hope you can to most of them!


♥ Not having kids is weird- like seriously everywhere you look there’s either a pregnant woman or a mom with at least 1-4 kids.

♥ Almost every surface of your home has a part of your spouse’s uniform on it [usually the cover or chevrons].

♥ You know every acronym known to man [or at least you think you do and they come home talking about some PM on the MAW that’s FUBAR- like what?].

♥ At one point or another, you’ve joined some type of “mommy” group at least once [mine was Stroller Strides].

♥ You are in so many facebook groups, you’ve lost count. Even though may never post on them [the uncensored ones are the best- it’s like free reality television].

♥ You subconsciously judge everyone by what their front porch looks like.

♥ You also judge everyone by what their dog acts like.

♥ Privacy does not exist [at least when you live on base].

♥ Your spouse is always gone at the most inconvenient times [like when you water breaks for instance].

♥ You cry at all the homecoming pictures & videos.

♥ You’re extremely defensive when someone talks badly about the military and/or one of your momma friends.

♥ You’ve ruined your spouse’s cammies with an ink pen THEY left in their pocket when you washed them.

♥ You’ve folded more skivvy shirts & shorts than you could ever count.

♥ You’ve spent more money on dry cleaning and hair cuts in 4 years than you have your entire life before that [and it’s not even for you!].

♥ You think it’s weird when neighborhoods don’t have parks on every corner.

♥ You have so much motivation to decorate your “new” house when you move in and that slowly dies down after about a week because you’ll only be there for a few years.

♥ Pretty much all the people you hang out with work with your spouse.

♥ You still get goosebumps every time the Marines sing the hymn at the ball.

♥ You know not to go to the commissary on pay day, but you big fat do it anyway [every.single.time].

♥ You have had [or still have] a Marine Corps related bumper sticker on your car.

♥ Rolled sleeves literally make you drool.

♥ When you live on base, you’re so curious what the insides of other people’s houses look like [even though they are basically all the same].

♥ You loathe Lincoln Military Housing with every fiber in your body, but you still live there nonetheless.

♥ You’ve never said to yourself, “I hope we get 29 Palms!”

♥ You have wanted to make it a point to personally march your sassy butt up to your spouse’s lot/wing/what have you and cuss out their SSgt.

♥ You’ve literally wanted to pull your eyelashes out because the maintenance guy came right in the middle of nap time & now your dogs are going crazy & your kids are awake [after it took you almost an hour to get them to go to sleep].

♥ In spite of all these things….you really couldn’t picture your life any other way with anybody else.

As always, God Bless †


27 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Marine Corps Wife When…”

  1. I love this so much! I was not with my husband when he was an active duty Marine but can totally relate to a few of these. Also got a good laugh, especially the acronyms… I’ve knew what FUBAR thanks to my Marine Daddy at a very young age. Thank you for holding home down and thank you to your Marine for his service! Semper Fi!

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  2. Great insight based on your life! I learned about what reality you face daily and I’m sure it’s not easy! Thank you for your sacrifices so your brave husband can protect our country. I very much appreciate both of you ❤️

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  3. first what wonderful photos u got here! u guys are just lovely and wow! salute to you! i don’t think i can do long distance relationship, i will just be too worried and paranoid! i think u should ask ur husband to write something like this but the other way around!

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  4. Awesome post Brittany. I feel like I know you a bit better now. You are so loving! Thanks for sharing the little things that you go through day to day as a military wife. You go through such different things from me although I feel you on so many of your points. ❤️ Big hug!

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  5. My husband is an F-16 now F-35 pilot. I totally get where you’re coming from although I didn’t go the whole having kids immediately route. Instead I was judged by just about every wife for working, not having kids and especially working at night. Sorry – people are dying and need my help? It’s such a funny world, we are so protective of it and yet we can be not so nice to each other. Hence I’ve removed myself from it completely and do my own thing!

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    1. Oh my gosh, same! So crazy that having kids is the norm and if you’re a hard working woman, it’s abnormal lol. But good for you. Everyone has their unique journey. After having our first born I went to working full
      Time and it was extremely hard for me. It’s hard trying to get the best of both worlds. But I’ve found an amazing community of mommas with a similar mindset to mine and I stick to my little group haha.


  6. I enjoyed reading this and getting a sense of what your life is like. I’m sure many aspects of it aren’t easy but I like that you have a positive outlook. Thank you to your husband for his service.

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  7. My boyfriend just left for Marine Boot Camp yesterday and I was super sad and excited for him all at once, I came across this and it made me laugh and it made me feel like I was apart of somthing special. Thank you. DO you have any advice for me and my love?

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    1. Congratulations to him! And you for staying by his side! The next 12 weeks will be hard, by the result that comes from it is one your boyfriend will be proud of for his entire lifetime. My biggest advice I can give to you is don’t ever forget why you fell in love & remember to think long term. There’s a lot of things that happen in the Marine Corps that messes up your plans in the moment. But you have to remember the long term benefits you gain from it. If you stop and remember those little things that made you fall in love, you’ll never lose that spark! I’ll be praying for you girlie. And him as he goes through boot camp! Oh and write him! They love getting their mail during boot camp. It really lifts their spirits and reassured them that you’re still there. ❤️❤️

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