Rev It Up! Preparing Your Toddler for Their First NASCAR Race

This last Sunday will be one that my husband and I will always remember! We took our girl to her first NASCAR race. If y’all aren’t familiar with the sport, NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It is so much fun to watch and my husband is a diehard fan. He is a huge Brad Keslowski fan. I was [and always will be] a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, but since he retired last year, I am now a full-fledged Brad fan right alongside my hubby! This was our fourth year to attend the race at Fontana’s Auto Club Speedway, and the best year to date!!

We seriously thought about taking Paislee last year, but she still seemed a bit little and we were’t sure how she was going to react to the cars. Let me tell ya…those cars get LOUD. Thirty-six cars traveling over 200 miles an hour, zooming around in an oval….yeah it gets pretty loud. Most of the adults sitting in the stands have headphones on. So yeah, needless to say we decided not to bring her with us last year. And same thing with our son this year. He’s now 1 1/2 and there’s no way he would last all day  and not be able to nap or run around all day. We actually saw lots of kiddos younger than Paislee there on Sunday. We even saw a newborn! She was so tiny! So it’s really up to your discretion. Whenever you feel comfortable enough to take your little one, go for it!

You definitely need to be prepared for this little outing. I will say, for our first time with her, we did a great job, but we did forget a couple things. I’ll get into that a little later!



This track, along with all other NASCAR tracks [I believe], allow you to bring in snack for your littles and sippies. We stocked up on some basic snacks and made sure we had plenty of water. We packed crackers, fruit, applesauce, gummies [can’t ever leave the house without these!], & granola bars. Everything is easy on-the-go and didn’t make a big fuss. I also decided to pack some chicken nuggets just in case she got really hungry inside and the lines were too long to buy her something. I recently bought these cute little thermoses on amazon & it worked like a charm for those chicken nugs. It kept them pretty warm most of the day too! Plus, most of the time when we buy her food somewhere she doesn’t even eat half of it. I’m sure y’all can relate!


It was pretty chilly here on Sunday so I packed a couple of blankets to have in the car & take inside the track with us. It’s also just a comfort thing for her so I wanted to make sure I brought it inside in case she got scared or tired. As you can see, it came in handy :).

Sunscreen & Hat or Hooded Jacket

I lathered her up with sunscreen. If theres one thing I remember from the three years prior is that I got so sunburnt. It was cold, but that sun was bright and beaming down during the entire race. I would also highly suggest to bring a hat for your little one to wear so their little heads don’t get sunburnt. Silly me forgot one, but luckily Paislee had on a hooded jacket and I had her hood up most of the race.


These are pretty essential if you are taking any aged child to the races. Thankfully, Paislee wasn’t scared of the cars or the loud sound at all. But her ears are still so tiny and the sound those cars make are so BIG. So they need the protection regardless. She did eventually get tired of wearing them a little more than half-way through the race, so I had to improvise and use my hands or the padding of her hood from her jacket to cover her ears. Aren’t they so cute, though?! I just can’t. We ordered these on amazon for super cheap and they worked like a charm. You can also rent them at the track. And they even have special ones you can get that let you listen to your driver’s radio and such. Might be cooler for older kiddos who have a favorite driver.


Obviously your kiddo is going to wear shoes, but make sure they are shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty & they’re comfortable to walk in. Paislee didn’t do a whole lot of walking, but her shoes got super dirty from the bleachers. Drinks get spilled, food gets stepped on…it’s just good to put on some shoes that you don’t mind a mess on!

Fun Stuff

If you plan on showing up early [which I would highly suggest] to tailgate a little before the race, make sure you bring some fun stuff for your little[s] to do. We brought Paislee’s bike so she could ride around and get some energy out. We bought this balance bike for her for Christmas & she has done SO WELL with it! She was going to be sitting for quite awhile during the race, so we wanted her to have something active to do beforehand. But you can bring whatever your kiddo is into. There’s all kinds of fun tailgating games you can buy at any store or on amazon.


Throughout the day my husband and I would use the phrase, “Oh I wish we would’ve brought that”. There were mainly a couple things that I wanted to share with y’all!

Chair for Paislee

She didn’t necessarily need this, but it would have been nice to have while we were tailgating. We did her up a little cozy spot on the back of my husband’s truck, but a chair for her would have been nice to have too!


Surprisingly there are some nice grassy patches around the tailgating parking lots. And we were also by some train track that Paislee liked biking by. It would have been fun to just have a ball to thrown around and play with on the grass!

Seat cushions

Every year I tell my husband how uncomfortable the bleachers are. And yet again, we forgot to bring some cushions for our little tushes. I guess we didn’t really need one for Paislee because she sat on our laps most of the time, but that just adds more wait on your booty. We ended up buying one for me at the haulers! My hiney couldn’t take the agony!

We had a wonderful & memorable time on Sunday. The mountains in the background were so beautiful too! I made the mistake of telling Paislee that Elsa’s castle was up there *face palm*. She almost had a breakdown because she kept talking about it and insisted on going up there to see her. But all was good and we really enjoyed ourselves. She never got scared and was so genuinely excited to see the race cars. A day I will never forget.

I just had to share this…the left is the very first year we went and I was pregnant with Paislee. And the right is from Sunday! My husband found this photo and thought it was so cool that we have a picture with the same car! I’d have to agree 🙂

Here was Paislee’s reaction when the race first started. The video doesn’t do the cars justice. They are so loud. But she didn’t even flinch!

Here are some more snapshots of our fun-filled day!

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12 thoughts on “Rev It Up! Preparing Your Toddler for Their First NASCAR Race”

  1. You guys look like you had a blast. I always think to take my toddler everywhere instead of leaving her home. Nascar is not on the planner yet but when we do attend a NASCAR even this will be my go-to, to make sure me and my girl are prepared. Thanks!

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  2. My husband would love to go back to watch a NASCAR race, it’s been years. I love the photos you took in front of the same car when you were pregnant and now with your sweet little girl. Awesome memories were made that day for all of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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