Spring Cleaning: 16 Things & Places You Might Not Think to Clean

Spring has hit us here in SoCal. The rain is upon us, & the cool spring breeze is flowing through my home. One of the best parts of spring [in my humble opinion] is spring cleaning! I LOVE spring cleaning time. I don’t know what it is, but I get such satisfaction out of really scrubbing and cleaning everything in my house. Anyone else?! It’s a little weird, I know. Spring time is my favorite time of the year. The house always feels so airy and the temperature is just right. It makes everything seem so peaceful & motivates me even more to get my house squeaky clean!

I sat down the other day to make my “spring cleaning” list & started thinking about our move a couple of months ago. There were so many things that I stumbled across while packing that were so dirty! Things you would never think to clean. It sparked some inspiration for this post. I thought, “I bet most people wouldn’t think to clean that either [or at least I hope I’m not the only one!]”.  I was able to scramble up a list of 16 things and places in your home you might not normally think to clean a few times a year [some of these could even use a good cleaning once a week/month].


Shower & Window Curtains


I never even think about washing my curtains! If you think about it, so much dirt and dust collects on them. And if you have little hands touching every surface of your house, they have lots of other stuff stuck to them too! It’s always good to throw them in the wash. I would wash them on ‘delicate’ mode if you have that option. Or just read the tag on them to see the washing directions, because I’m sure they are all different!

Bath Toys


Okay so these guys get so gross. Any kind of bath toy that your kiddos have that allow water to get inside of them NEED to be washed regularly [here’s one of the ones that not just for spring cleaning!]. If water sits in them for too long they get mildew all inside of them. They look cute & my kids love to squirt each other with them, but they get super nasty. I mean look…


It just makes me cringe looking at it. Anyways, my suggestion would be to squirt out all of the water from them every night. If your kiddos are older and don’t put them in their mouths, you can soak them in some cleaning bleach every now and then, fill them up with the cleaning bleach [you can dilute it with some water as well], and squirt it out. It will help get more of that yucky stuff out and prevent it from building up as fast in the future. Or another thing you could do is throw them away all together! Problem solved! We have slowly start buying our kids bath toys that don’t have holes in them. Saves everybody some unneeded stress!

Underneath Carseats and/or Carseat Covers

Wanna know where all the cheerios & gummies went? Yep, they’re under the carseat. All you need here is a good ol’ vacuum cleaner & possibly some stain remover depending on the color of your seats!


Shoes get so smelly & discolored if you don’t wash them properly! I have a little secret for those little stains, too! This Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover is heaven on this earth y’all. It will get any stain out! Literally. I used it in combination with some hand sanitizer to get black ink pen off of my couch cushions [I bet you can guess who did that] just last week and it came right out. A little bit of that on there, let it sit for a few minutes and throw your shoes in the wash. Good as new!


All those leftover germs and sickies from the winter season are just sittin’ on these bad boys waiting to be picked up again. When your kiddos are sleeping or you have a little downtime when you won’t have any hands on them, go around & spray all [ALL] of your doorknobs with some disinfecting spray. Then just leave them until they are completely dry! You could probably be okay with just leaving them after they are dry, but I like to be extra & wipe them down with some Clorox wipes. Good to go!

Picture Frames/Canvases

These Swiffer dusters are great for dusting off your picture frames and canvases. The dust sticks well to them & doesn’t get too much in the air around you. For glass frames I use Windex on them as well.

Shower Heads


This is my go-to guy for pretty much anything in the bathroom. I honestly forget about the shower head all the time. I’m short so anything above my head gets unnoticed about 80 percent of the time! I spray a moderate amount of this stuff on there & let it sit for about a minute [it doesn’t take long to start it’s magic]. Now, I know it says “scrub free” but I just use the sponge to wipe it down. you don’t have to scrub it at all. It gets everything off. Here’s my before [top] & afters [bottom]

It makes everything so shiny! And it smells really lemon-y & clean. Good stuff y’all.

Light Fixtures/Lamps & Lamp Shades


These are an easy clean! Depending on if they are glass or plastic will determine what cleaning supplies you use. I start with the Swiffer dusters and then wipe them down with some Clorox wipes. Viola! All clean!

Cabinets [on the outside]


Down low, up high. Clean all the cabinets! Everywhere in the house is good, but I’m really emphasizing the ones in the kitchen. Again with the little hands touching everything! When you’re cooking, oils and sauces splatter everywhere. Steam gets in the air and sticks to those cabinets! This was one of the many things I was talking about when we were moving. Our cabinets were not the cleanest. Whip out those cleaning wipes & get to scrubbin’!

Hood of Stove


This would be one of those things above my head that I forget about! One of those out of sight, out of mind things I guess! The more dust that collects in your house, the more prone everyone is to sickness & allergies. Getting all of that dust picked up is essential!

Outside, Behind & Underneath the Refrigerator


This one counts as two & goes along with the cabinets. It’s just good to wipe these big appliances and stuff down at least a few times a year. And get those handles wiped down really well! Kill those germs! After you wipe it down, drag it out a bit, unplug it & sweep the area it sits on and blocks really well. I can’t tell you how many of these little play magnets we found under our last refrigerator. This is probably more of a once or twice a year thing, but always good to put on that spring cleaning list!

Underneath Furniture


I started this one the other day & cleared out our playroom. I feel like most people don’t typically think of this one [or maybe don’t want to do it]. It makes the carpet seem almost brand new, & I even decided to rearrange some things in there! If you have furniture like our entertainment center in the first picture, it’s so easy for anything to get underneath there! And those vacuum lines…I mean who doesn’t love those right?!

Your Phone & it’s Case


This is something that we use the most & touch the most in our day-to-day lives [at least in most cases]. There’s actually been articles and research conducted that states, phones are the most germ-contaminated item in your home. I take mine off about once every couple of weeks or so and give it a good cleaning.

Trash Cans

Round up all the trash cans in your home. Might be best to do it on “trash day” because you already have to empty them out! Line them up outside, throw some bleach, vinegar & get your hose ready. Spray them out really good. I feel like most people, including myself, just think of trash cans as things that are “supposed” to be dirty. They smell. They get sticky. Anything & everything gets thrown in them. They need to be cleaned! The vinegar is a good bug repellant & the bleach with kill anything in its path- germs, bugs, you name it. Let them air dry & that’s that.

Behind & Underneath Washer & Dryer


Same thing you did with your refrigerator. Unplug them, sweep & mop if needed, then put them back. Lint from that lint catcher in your dryer flies everywhere and eventually lands on that floor! The air will feel cleaner in there, trust me!

I have officially started my “not-so-typical’ spring cleaning list! I have put together a 4 day challenge, if you will, of all 16!


I hope this is helpful for you during your spring cleaning adventures! Happy cleaning & God bless!




42 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: 16 Things & Places You Might Not Think to Clean”

  1. I know what I’m doing when I get home today! There are definitely some things on this list that I neglect at my house, especially the cabinets and appliances. Thanks for the tips!

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  2. This actually made me excited to start spring cleaning! I definitely need to hit some of these places, especially underneath the things that don’t get moved often! I love your 4 day challenge as well!

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  3. I’ve been putting off spring cleaning just because it’s not very warm in California (at least for California weather.) I always start with my closet, getting rid of clothes and shoes that I didn’t wear for fall and/or winter or that I didn’t like even though I wore them. I think I may have to start with the kitchen instead.

    Thanks for sharing! x


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  4. Hii 🙂 The phone!!!! I totally agree with you, it’s one of the most forgotten objects to clean. While we touch it all the time then touch our faces *cringes*. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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  5. Great tips. Totally agree about bath toys and under car seats, can’t stand a gross car seat! I am definitely guilty of forgetting light fixtures, going to have to get on that!

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  6. What a great list – I have to admit I hesitated to read it because, unlike you 😉 , I DON’T enjoy spring cleaning. I generally run from housework any chance I get, and I didn’t want to learn about more places that I haven’t been cleaning when I should be!!! I’m glad I read it – and maybe I’m a little inspired to get started on some Spring cleaning!

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  7. Oh dang, I like a clean house but have sure missed the mark on many of these places to clean from your list. I am going to go wipe down door knobs and my phone/case right now!

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  8. these are fantastic! my mom is a super clean freak so she had us doing these as kids – now I can’t imagine not doing them! it’s crazy how dirty is gets underneath the laundry machines!

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  9. I’m in the middle of compiling my household spring cleaning list and these are some great reminders! Really appreciate the cell phone and case reminder!

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  10. Awesome Brittany! I always love reading your posts. Your write beautifully! So… I am nowhere as clean as you. Props girl, but I’m totally with you on getting rid of those bath squeezie toys that grow mould!!! So nasty. And kids totally squeeze that stuff in their mouths. Nasty, nasty, dirty, grossness! It dosent take that long for it to grow either. Just throw them out is my vote!! ❤️

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  11. I really need to get spring cleaning now! It’s that time of year, and the house is starting to feel stuffy so I really need to cover all of these above! The door knobs is such a good one — I do it all the time because I have a weird obsession with that, but mots people I know don’t do it!

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