The Tiniest Topknot

I love to do my daughter’s hair. That’s one of the many things that I was looking forward to when I found out we were having a girl. But of course, she was born totally bald! It was the cutest little bald head, I will admit.


It has taken her hair forever to grow. It’s finally at a decent length and I have started to experiment a little with it. It’s so much fun! I have made a small compilation of my favorite “dos” for my baby girl. These are all perfect if you’re in a rush, or if your girl has super thin and short hair like this one! Something a little different from the go-to pony tail.

BEFORE you do anything, go out and get these little rubber bands! They are amazing and you can buy a huge thing of them on amazon. They will last you forever. Perfect for tiny “dos”.


Piggy Tails

The classic! This is my favorite “do”. And her hair has just gotten long enough to where I can put them down low too.

Just part her hair down the middle, wrap the rubber band around her hair, and repeat on the other side!

Piggy Buns

Repeat all the steps for regular piggy tails, but on the last wrap around, don’t pull her hair all the way through. These are so adorable. If you want to get a little more creative with it, add some cute little bows or make them into little messy buns.


Twisty Bangs

All I do for this one is grab her bangs in the front, twist them around a couple times and snap it back with a cute clippy. Paislee’s bangs are always in her face [but I refuse to cut them]. We do this one A LOT when we are in a hurry to get somewhere, but I still want to do something with her hair.

[she was totally loving this little photoshoot as you can tell]

Tiny Topknot

This one might take the longest of the “dos” on this list, but it’s still a fast one. It gets the bangs out of the face and it’s just too darn sweet.

First comb back a decent amount of hair in the middle & tie it with a rubber band.


Pull the hair in the rubber band up really tight and twist it around a few times.

Twirl the hair down in a circle or bun and tie another rubber band to make it stay.


& there you have it. The tiniest topknot there ever was. So fitting if your baby has a little hipster heart!


[I told her to smile & this is what I got…sass]

These four little “dos” are so easy & are my favs! I usually always have a bow in my girl’s hair because that’s how we do it in Texas. I’m so excited for the day her hair is long enough for me to braid it! Until then, I hope these guys are helpful to all parents with little girls out there.

God Bless!


35 thoughts on “The Tiniest Topknot”

  1. I had so much fun checking these out. I don’t have a daughter, so it’s unlikely I’ll get to try them out, but before I knew that I would be having all boys, I used to dream about doing my little girl’s hair – still do a bit when I see the cute hairdos of my sons’ friends. Of course, the funny part is that I’m a total disaster at doing my own hair, so how I would’ve managed hers is a mystery haha. Maybe you could do a follow up most of the quickest dos for the hair do challenged mom’s!!! Take care!

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  2. Lol. So cute and funny. Paisley’s little face is the cutest! Your piggy tails and piggy buns are Ivy’s everyday go to hair style. She too has taken forever to grow her hair to this length. I’m so with you on being excited to do her hair. Probably a braid by her 5th birthday. Lol!

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  3. Great styles ! I never had the opportunity to experience that because I have all boys who are now men and all brothers ! My mom used to style my hair pretty spiffy back in the day.

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