Easter Crafts UNDER $10 (read more for a surprise DIY Easter centerpiece!)

Easter is coming early this year! And on April Fools Day of all days! Easter definitely overrules that holiday 🙂 Celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior is such a humble reminder of how precious life is. Never take it for granted. One of the many ways I really try hard to do this is to spend some quality time with my littles. A great way to do this is with crafts! They LOVE to paint! Fingers, brushes, stamps, glitter you name it!

So naturally, I went to Target in search of some fun crafty things! Their dollar section is bangin’ right now! They have the cutest Easter decorations, gadgets and toys. I’ll be showing you some awesome stuff I found and what me and my kiddos did with them! PLUS I have a fun, easy & cheap DIY Easter centerpiece idea! You’ll love it!


This was my take-away from my Target craft run! I had such a hard time deciding on what to do with my littles first! Seriously all of this stuff was so cheap & I can use a lot of it again! Total win for this momma!

Disclaimer: ALL crafts are messy, but that makes it even more fun! WASHABLE EVERYTHING!


These flower pots caught my eye first thing! They are so cute and everything you need to decorate them is all included! It came equipped with paint, a brush and some fun rub-on stickers! And they had some fun bonus paints for each pot. The pink had glitter paint and the green had glow-in-the-dark paint. If you want to be more creative, they also had plain flower pots that you could totally make your own if you so wish.


They turned out so cute y’all! I can’t even with the little gnome guy. So adorable. Now I just need to get some dirt and cute plants to put in them [stay tuned]! Oh, & these were only 3 bucks each! Such a steal and I will keep them forever.



I have a couple different ideas for eggs other than the traditional “egg coloring” [which we will still be doing a little closer to Easter]. First, I’ll show you our giant egg craft! I also used some glitter that is not pictured here. I had some on hand and my daughter had to have her “sparklies”. You can do all kinds of fun stuff with this. My babies are still pretty little so I stuck with your basic paint, stickers and glitter. But you could do some paper mache, puff paint, chalk paint, or make it into a cute bunny head with some ears!

I let my girl do this one on her own while her little brother was sleeping. She had such a blast. I bought these super cute paint brushes, but she didn’t even hardly use them. It turned into a full-on finger painting sesh. And it was awesome! She really liked the neon colors too!

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