My Old Soul[mate]


I’m going to join in on the Valentine bandwagon! [Sorry, not sorry] I’ve never been gung-ho on Valentine’s Day, but I am such a romantic at heart. Although I love the idea of this day and the way people celebrate their love…it’s beautiful and I love seeing it. In my eyes though, your love should be celebrated everyday. Maybe not in the extravagant of ways as we celebrate on this day, but in sweet subtle ways. But don’t just celebrate your love…appreciate it. Be thankful for it. God made you a soulmate, and if you are blessed enough to find them, by-golly you better hold them tight and never let them go.

I guess you could say we were “technically” high school sweethearts? Although we never actually dated in high school. We did date in the 7th grade….does that count? Psh. It counts. I mean he did take me to my first dance. After that dramatic break-up [I broke-up with him in a note- good one Brittany], it’s pretty accurate to say that I was not his favorite person. We didn’t really talk or start hanging out again until our senior year of high school. We ended up having study hall together and he started dating my best friend at the time. I was so jealous. I flick myself every time I think about how much of a chicken I was. Only later did I find out he felt the same way about me! Ugh tragic, right? Not really, but now that we look back at it…totally tragic. We became best friends and spent so much of our time together. We continually dated other people even though deep down we always just wanted to be with each other. It just never seemed like the right time. At least that’s what we always told ourselves. Our lame excuse.

My junior year of college is when things finally began to fall into place. This was also the time my sweet husband made the courageous and life-changing decision to join the United States Marine Corps. The day he officially swore in was the day before my 21st birthday. I was with somebody at the time and we all decided to go out to one of our favorite spots and stay until midnight so I could order my first legal drink! Cheesy, but such sweet memories. I went home with my best girlfriend and roommate at the time and spilled my guts about how I felt about Tommy [my hubby]. I’ve never been the type of person to make rash decisions or take a risk on something. But that next day [my 21st birthday-horrible timing] I woke up feeling like an entirely different person. I didn’t want to settle. My boyfriend at the time was very sweet and kind-hearted. He was good to me and would never hurt a fly. But it felt too safe…is that even a thing? It didn’t feel right in my heart. I knew Tommy was the man I was supposed to be with. I felt it with every bone in my body. So I was a totally horrible person and broke up with my boyfriend on my birthday…I mean at least it wasn’t his birthday? I guess there’s no justifying it. It was messed up and I could have handled it way differently, but I just couldn’t hold my feelings in any longer. I didn’t go running off to declare my feelings afterwards. I felt so terrible that I just kind of laid in my bed most of the day. Being the amazing person and friend that he was, Tommy came to my rescue. He absolutely refused to let me wallow on my birthday. Then I guess you could say the rest is history? Everything just fell into place and felt right. It was finally our time. It wasn’t until about a month later [a month and a day to be exact] that we made things official. We spent the night at a friend’s wedding and danced the night away. It was perfect.


And we never looked back. We dated for about a year when he proposed. I was still in school, in my senior year. I cheered for half of my college years and loved it so much. The football field held so many memories for me and was my favorite place on campus. Knowing this, my man went above and beyond to make his proposal one-of-a-kind. Something I just HAVE to share with y’all…

Our proposal

I will never forget it as long as I live. It was so thoughtful and everyone I love was there to witness it. It was just perfect in every way. He proposed after he graduated from boot camp. He got 10 days of leave after his graduation then had to go straight back to school. Needless to say, wedding planning is extremely hard when your other half isn’t there to help you with all of the details and juggling family issues and trying to make everyone happy. I honestly wish we would’ve just gotten a JOP wedding, but hey what’s done is done. Our wedding was small and beautiful. Due to the weird situation we were in with him being a new Marine, we were crunched on time so the wedding was a bit rushed. But we soaked up every minute of it.

We did it! And we’ve been doing life ever since! Every obstacle, every adventure, every new life we’ve created. We have conquered all of what life has thrown us. I’m grateful for this love that God has blessed us with. I pray our littles grow up to find a love just as strong someday. Happy Valentines day all you lovers out there! Love your love!

16 thoughts on “My Old Soul[mate]”

  1. I am not really into Valentine’s Day, but maybe it’s because I am always single. This, however, was such a lovely post and it’s great to see people really sticking it out together and falling in love and just staying in love. It’s truly awesome.

    Happy Valentine’s Day! x



  2. awww you have such a sweet love story! I’m a big believer in the timing being right. My fiance and I met years ago in college through mutual friends and didn’t start dating until about 6 or 7 years after meeting. If we’d tried dating back when we met, we might not be engaged today because neither of us was ready to settle down in a long-term relationship at that point in our lives.

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