My Beauty and the World’s Beasts

This human. This beautiful, lively, wild, sassy little human. Oh how I love you. I could have never imagined the love a momma has for her baby girl until I held you in my arms. I think every momma can attest to that.

I grew up with two younger sisters. Girls are all I have ever known. My entire family is predominately girls. So naturally I know everything about girls, right? Then this moment happened…

Everything I’ve ever known was out the door. Girl? Boy? How was I gonna be a momma? I always knew that was my dream, but now it was actually happening! Utter shock, excitement, and worry began to fill my mind and my body at this moment. So many things changing in the world. So many bad things and people around us. How could we raise a baby in this world? Ask anybody that knows me, I’m such a worry-wart [as my husband so graciously puts it]. My initial reaction to any situation is stress. I’m working on this. But, in that same moment I thought, “God finds the beauty in everything.” I walked out of that bathroom, looked at my husband’s face and we just wept with pure happiness in each other’s arms. Because, how in this scary world could we have been blessed with such a beautiful thing?!

Even before I met you, you gave me such joy. But then….then I met you.

You were perfect. Ten fingers, ten toes and the sweetest little smile. The moment I laid eyes on you I knew you were gonna be my strong girl. No matter what this world throws your way, you will overcome it. Don’t ever let the fear of what’s out there hold you back from being great. Because let me tell ya, you are destined for greatness. You made me a momma. You made me the best thing, the best person I could ever be.

I pray someday you will share this love with your babies. Because it is the sweetest, most precious love their is. I cherish every moment I get to witness you grow and learn. I love watching your eyes light up when you put on your favorite princess dress. I love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the millionth time with you every morning. I love how excited you get over the littlest things like putting stickers on the windows [one of our ‘things’ ❤️]. I love tucking you into bed every night. I love it. Every second. But not nearly as much as I love you my dear.

My wild child. My girl. My Paislee. 💕

8 thoughts on “My Beauty and the World’s Beasts”

  1. If you could not make me cry today, that’d be ggggrrreeeeaaatttt…(read this in your best office space voice) So beautifully written! Love and miss y’all so much

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